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[ga-nominations] Acceptance of nomination to the Chair of the GA

1a. Full name of the nominee:  Mark C. Langston

1b. E-mail address of the nominee:  mark@bitshift.org

1c. Background information about the nominee:

Mark C. Langston is a 30-year-old UNIX and networking consultant in
San Jose, CA.  He holds an S.B. in experimental psychology from the
University of Memphis, and an A.M. in Cognitive Psychology from the
University of Chicago.  He is currently finishing his Ph.D at the
University of Chicago in Cognitive Psychology.  Mr. Langston owns 3
domain names for personal use.  He has participated in several working
groups of the DNSO (WG-B, WG-C, WG-D) and is active in and concerned
about personal privacy issues, security, and the future of the
individual in the Internet.  Mr. Langston is also the founder and
current President of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Information
Systems Security Association (ISSA), a member of Psi Chi, USENIX,
SAGE, and the American Psychological Society.

1d. Statement of the nominee's objectives
    in the role as Chair of the GA:
    (including his or her views of the role
    of the GA and its relationship with the 
    Names Council and Constituencies of the DNSO)

As Chair of the GA, I intend to make clear to the DNSO Names Council
the concerns and issues brought to me by the GA.  I intend to ensure
the GA functions as a legitimate body within the DNSO and ICANN.  I
intend to insure that the GA is not used as a tool to legitimize
decisions or actions that do not involve the GA.

I also intend to act as liason between the DNSO and the GA, and to
provide the GA with timely information surrounding the goings-on in
the DNSO and the NC.

Furthermore, I intend to allow the GA oversight to the NC.

I believe the GA can function as a legitimate body within the DNSO.  I
do not believe that the GA is identical to a constituency.  However, I
believe that the GA is a superset of constituencies, working groups,
and those that are not in either.  As such, I believe that the NC
should be answerable to the GA, since the NC purports to represent
these entities.