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[ga-nominations] acceptance

Please accept my belated and humble acceptance for this nomination.
I am in a South Eastern Asian country which causes difficulty in transmission.

1a Eric Hugh Dierker
1b eric@hi-tek.com
1c I am born and raised is Flagstaff Arizona, adopted youngest of six. I grew up in 
a multicultural environment of Native North Americans, Hopi and Navajo and Mexican 
Americans. I have a B.S. in Philosophy and a J.D. I attended the American Colleges 
in Paris and Mexico, Puebla.
I am currently International Business Director for a small firm engaged in 
Multimedia Marketing, which technicaly is an ISP. We are Partners or affiliates 
with most Registrars (and I am currently unsure about Registries). I am most 
closely asscoiated with the ccTLD constituency, although I attend to all ICANN 
matters as an Individual. My main task right at the present is to establish IT, ESL 
and ISL schools in developing countries.
1d My objectives as chair would be to increase individual participation from 
members of the different constituencies. While ICANN is consensu by nature, I 
believe that the GA is a concept where differing views should be expressed and 
passed on by the chair. Both vertically and hirizontally.
I have four positions that I must abide by regardless of the GA. a) We must have 
multilingual cooperation and development, b)Our ultimate goal is to understand and 
impliment stakeholder interests, c) The only unnacceptable solution is the status 
quo because tommorrow is history, d) I will only ever owe our children.

I will advocate the GA Positionsto the NC.  The GA chair should be supportive and 
informative to the NC but not in a "staff" sort of action. The GA chair should act 
more as an attorney to the court or bench as an advocate for the GA position but 
required to provide sound data and pursuasion for the GA to support the GA position.

I wonder if any one is up to this task, all I can do is constantly monitor the 
list, help with working groups and promise to attend the meetings. As I gave 
direction to an assistant Ambassdor to a small developing country I told him "all 
we can do is do our best and hope for our children for more often than not we are 
merely spectators in this fast evolution of knowledge".

Most Sincerely,

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