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[ga-nominations] Danny Younger Accepts the Nomination

1a.  Full name of the nominee:  Danny Lee Younger
1b.  E-mail address of the nominee:  webmaster@babybows.com
1c.  Background information about the nominee:

     I am a forty-six year old American citizen married to a talented and
wonderful wife who came to this country as a refugee from Vietnam; together
we have two young children.  We are both career designers of fashion
accessories and work out of a small apartment in New York City.  Our on-line
business, babybows.com, was launched over a year ago, and as a start-up
enterprise has met with a fair amount of success.   As e-commerce was
somewhat new to me, I made the decision to return to college to enhance my
skills, pursuing a formal degree in Computer Studies.  Through my
University's co-operative work program with the Internet community, I
obtained secondary employment with a leading registrar, register.com; I
currently work there on the overnight shift as a Customer Service
Representative helping members of the general public with their
domain-related issues.  Over the years my employment in the fashion field
has brought me repeatedly to Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim; I
have had the pleasure of living in Israel (two years) and Taiwan (one year).
I have owned a number of small businesses, the last being a Vietnamese
Karaoke Bar in New York's Chinatown.

1d.  Statement of the nominee's objectives in the role as Chair of the GA:
(including his or her views of the role of the GA and its relationship with
the Names Council and the Constituencies of the DNSO)

     My primary objective in the role as Chair of the General Assembly will
be to preside over activities leading to timely, thoughtful, well-documented
bottoms-up consensus-based policy recommendations formulated by working
groups and committees of the GA; as such, my focus is truly on generating
substantive work-product for consideration by the ICANN Board.  I am proud
of the efforts made by the members of the General Assembly that participated
most recently in the Review Working Group; they proved that the General
Assembly is more than a debating society - it is the home for those
passionately committed to improving the DNSO, and I know that I can count on
the General Assembly to mobilize in pursuit of well-crafted policy
initiatives that will benefit the worldwide Internet community.
     I also recognize that we are in the midst of a process leading to
structural modifications in the DNSO that will come to redefine our
relationship with the Names Council and the currently established
Constituencies.  Change is on the horizon; I envision a General Assembly
that takes a leading role in the DNSO of the future, a DNSO that will allow
for greater representation and participation.  This will be a General
Assembly that takes on the hard issues:  UDRP, WHOIS, TLD Collisions,
Multilingual Registrations, the at-Large Study, Translations, Funding.  We
have a job to do, and the Internet world is counting on us to get it done
right.  We are the stewards of their trust.  This General Assembly will be a
hotbed of controversy, it will be loud and noisy, but it will produce
results.  That is my hope and mission.

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