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Re: [ALSC-Forum] Re: [ga] Substance over rhetoric - a constructive challenge

On 18 Mar 2002, at 8:09, Sotiris Sotiropoulos wrote:

> vint cerf wrote:
> > 
> > I am not sure I can dig out the information from archives but the
> > whole voting process was considered a one-shot effort, to be followed by
> > evaluation, which has now been done. 
> With all due respect, Dr. Cerf, if you cannot dig out such
> informaton from the archives why should we accept the idea
> that the whole voting process was considered a one-shot
> effort at the time of its inception?  From what I
> remember, there was no talk whatsoever of the last
> election being a one-shot deal until well after the event
> itself (approx. one year later).  I'm sure many of us
> (tens of thousands, in fact) would appreciate any effort
> you might make in actually producing the relevant
> information you cite above.
> >For privacy and convenience,
> > ICANN committed to limiting the use of the voting mailing list to
> > election matters only. 
> Well, the term of the current AtLarge Directors is
> expiring, it would appear as if an election is in order. 
> Especially given the fact that there has been no effort to
> restructure ICANN in any way to date.  Why should the
> AtLarge Membership be the only appendage of the
> Corporation to be treated in such a singular manner?
> >The proposals from ALSC suggest a new structure
> > for at-large participation and that is why the invitation has been
> > issued. There is no direct connection between the one-shot voting
> > subset of interested parties and the invitation to create a new
> > at-large structure.

There isn't?  The hundred fifty thousand plus people who took the time 
to attempt to register might disagree.  As Barbara suggested, those 
who did so should not have to register for an at-large twice.  I think it is 
quite obvious that most, if not all, of those who did register intended that 
registration to be for an at-large membership and NOT just for a single 

You have stated that the at-large must organize, but deny the fledgling 
organization the list of registered members.  This is a rather obvious 
deliberate attempt to discourage the very organization the board 
demands by making it as difficult as possible to gather those who have 
already been disenfranchised after attempting to participate.  If ICANN is 
not going to assist this organization in terms of funding or staff, it must 
at least provide it with its initial membership roster.

I would suggest that Mr. Love or some other participant bring this issue 
to the Congress members so that it may come up in the hearings.

> If I understand you correctly, you are saying that what we
> are witnessing currently is the implementation of the
> ALSC's reccommendations.  Can you please point out the
> Board resolution which ratifies the ALSC proposal?

Not a chance, obviously.  It was not ratified.

> -- 
> Sincerely,
> Sotiris Sotiropoulos
>  Hermes Network Inc.
>  Toronto, Canada

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