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Re: [ga] Verisign removing expiration dates from WHOIS Data?


--- James Love <love@cptech.org> wrote:
> If ICANN is incapable of protecting domain name holders from abusive
> practices by Verisign, who should or who has the legal authority to
> do so?

Indeed. Another point that I forgot to make in the initial message is
that by hiding the expiration date, the potential exists for insider
dealing on that valuable data to insiders at Verisign, or their
"partners" for consideration. There are apparently more examples of
hidden expiration dates than just the auction-barn.com one (that was
probably made public as the name sucks and has little commercial

When one visits www.verisign.com, one is confronted with a big Verisign
logo, and the slogan "The Value of Trust (sm)" -- how is it that so
many people don't trust Verisign itself??? To inspire trust, one
doesn't just talk about it. Don't just think about it. Don't just
preach about it. JUST DO IT! (apologies to Nike) :)


George Kirikos

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