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Re: [ga] Registrar Constituency WLS Response to Verisign - A DNSO GA Ballot please...

Rick and all assembly members,

  Rick, thank you for passing this on to everyone.

  It would seem to me that the DNSO GA should also have held
a vote on the WLS and the .ORG delegation statement.  I had requested
these two things before, and received not reply from either Thomas,
or Alexander.  I think Alex had mentioned that the DNSO GA
would be submitting a ballot on the WLS issue.  Alex?   If not,
than again I would like to request again such a ballot be

  Given Thomas and Alex's high level of interest in getting the
DNSO GA to be a productive assembly, and of course the
glowing remarks that Esther Dyson recently made with
respect to Alexander, and I am sure none of the GA
members would want to tarnish those glowing remarks,
or Alex in any way.  See Esthers Remarks at:
it would seem having the proper opportunity for the
DNSO GA members to vote on these issues would seem
to be a very productive thing where the members can
and should participate in a meaningful and constructive
way by voting on these very important issues...  I know
as a domain name holder myself, as with many others
have voiced of late, that these issues effect them directly
and therefore a vote is much more than justified.

Rick Wesson wrote:

> Chuck,
> First let me apologize for the tardiness of this response. We needed to
> publish and verify the vote on the attached document in the Registrars
> Constituency (RC) before we could post it to you.
> The attached PDF file is the Registrars Constituency response to
> VeriSign's proposed Wait Listing Service (WLS)
> The Registrars voting in favor of the response have had their names
> appended as signatories. Also a copy of an associated resolution recently
> passed by the RC is appended to this, our formal response.
> The vote results concerning this response are public and may be reviewed
> at http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/registrars/Arc01/msg02193.html
> -rick
> Rick Wesson
> CTO, Registrars Constituency
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                    Name: final-rc-wls-response.pdf
>    final-rc-wls-response.pdf       Type: Portable Document Format (APPLICATION/PDF)
>                                Encoding: BASE64

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