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[ga] which battlefield?

Dear all,			
don't you believe the ICANN has mislead us into a lot of false problems, 
delaying the development of the Internet?

If you agree with this, I would suggest you do not to try to focus on 
reforms (others will do that very well too). Better you to focus on the 
after ICANN, with a vision which may benefit to all.

Most of the people having to decide about the fate of the ICANN are not 
interested in details, but in simple questions and responses. Will we keep 
it or not. If yes, what reforms. If not what replacement. So the reforms 
are only 25% of the debate and not the most important part.

Lynn's management by surprise consists in choosing his battle fields. At 
Senate hearings - as at the GAC - he was/will be imposed the battlefield. 
We are better to be trained for the proper ones than to be muddled in the 
wrong ones.


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