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[ga] Re: [ncdnhc-discuss] Public Forum morning session - .org divesture

Chun and all,

  Thank you Chun for passing this along from Accra.  Very interesting.

Chun Eung Hwi wrote:

> I have almost forgotten what happened in morning session of public forum.
> In my memory, only a few talks remained. Because Kathy seems to have deep
> concern on .org divesture, I will briefly report some talks happed in
> morning session.
> Touton briefed how .org divesture would be implemented. He emphasized time
> pressure is very severe. He said if everything is to be done well, at
> least up to the first week of April, RFP should come out. He pointed out
> that in last selection of new gTLD operators, many applicants complained
> about too poor interaction between Board and applicants.
> Additionally, Andrew McLaughlin explained NC task force's work - option
> one and option two. He explained option two (surplus funds) seems to be
> more appropriate, but to avoid the plausible charge of "too subjective",
> the criteria for measuring option 2 should be more objectively defined.
> Marilyn Cade explained Business Constituency's minority position and
> persistently asked what is to be done if the bidding would not be done in
> this year - whether Verisign could make new agreement or not and whether
> their promise for endowment would disappear or not. As to her questions,
> Louis Touton's answers were very vague, but finally Andrew McLaughlin
> clearly gave an answer - "Agreement is agreement, please ask it to
> Verisign."
> Vint Cerf asked Louis whether the .ORG operation of Verisign would
> continue even when the final selection of operator would not be ended in
> this year and Louis answered that it is only for technical operation in
> transition. Due to too short time given, there were no more questions.
> After this Q and A session had been ended, people wondered what was told.
> There were several interpretations. Some people expressed they sensed some
> (whether it is intentional or unintentional) willingness of delay.
> Regards,
> Chun Eung Hwi
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