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RE: Numbers - was [ga] icannatlarge has now signed up 544 members

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Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2002 8:03 AM
Dear Joanna,

I think it is a very good idea to have a committee in charge a.s.a.p.
that has the
backing of those who signed up as members. I think it is a bad
idea to
rely on one web master or editor only.

I would like to see appointed a handful of people, not more than
seven, committed and open-minded, who are able to ensure that
nobody can manipulate or abuse the process of building up support
for an at large organization. As long as the list of subscribers is
growing fast, it seems not to be a good idea to work on a formal
charter that aims to establish a long term framework for an At large


Hello Jeanette,
The last thing I want to argue about is the minutiae of an organization that
is probably going to be reorganized by an ICANN appointed Organizing
committee in short order, but I was just trying to make the point that if
you have staked your claim to a piece of land to build a new town, you do
not ask the townsfolk to select a committee and supervise the builder - you
hire an Architect who not knows industry regulations, someone who knows how
to identify the real problems (as opposed to the ones the client is telling
you how to solve), who can obtain town permits more easily than the client
and whose reputation relies on following certain ethics, including providing
a decent shelter for the local inmates of local insane asylum, rather than
leaving them to starve in a pig sty in the richest person's back yard.

There is no need to resist to resist my suggestion of getting a professional
involved, unless of course, we are overrun with qualified members. If so,
please step forward. I worked fulltime for 14 years for a public interest
media organization in London, the BBC in fact, and with the possible
exception of Brett Fausset, I just don't see anything remotely close to the
kind of expertise that is necessary to do the job properly in the proposed
group, sorry to be so blunt. And I repeat, you do not run a news
organization by committee, and at this stage, that's all it needs to be. Am
I wrong?


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