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Re: Numbers - was [ga] icannatlarge has now signed up 544 members

Joanna and all assembly members,

  I must agree with much of Joanna's remarks and observations
regarding Joops never ending committees/pannels or what ever
at this stage in gaining members to a self forming At-Large
effort.  An editor would be a wonderful addition, and it MUST
be a professional one, not a volunteer.  That requires a budget,
which requires real $$ to PAY such and editor, which requires
a REAL account and necessary legal filings in whatever country
in order for those funds to be realized.  THAT should have been
Job one BEFORE the ICANNATLARGE.COM web site
was brought up.
The only free lunch I know of is out of a garbage can.  That
isn't very reliable at that...

Joanna Lane wrote:

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> Teernstra
> Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2002 1:26 AM
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> Subject: [ga] icannatlarge has now signed up 544 members
> All this in about 12 days.
> GA members should spread the word. There are no ready funds yet to finance
> an outreach campaign. Only $16.900 in pledges.
> First elections will be announced as soon as the supervisory Panel agrees
> on the details. Nominations can already start now. See
> www.icannatlarge.com/forum/
> --Joop
> Look Joop,
> I object to these elections. Please pass this on to the "supervisory panel",
> whatever that is and wherever that is. The priority for this At Large cannot
> possibly be selecting a "Supervisory panel" or "editorial committee" for the
> website or whatever the label is, when it is blindingly obvious what is
> driving the site in the current climate, and it has nothing do with any
> function that can be performed by a committee. It's all about *Numbers*.
> Right now, the website is functioning more or less as a public news service,
> (or ought to be) in that it seeks to confirm *numbers of public interested*
> in the At Large and more than anything else, to undertake outreach and
> *increase numbers* while performing a community service by offering a forum
> to self-organize into groups so that a *number of stakeholder groups* can be
> determined to exist. We don't need a committee to set that agenda - it is
> already known. News programs are not run by committee. A departmental head
> directs and manages other teams from the top down, delegating significant
> powers to those teams who uncover key stories from the bottom to the surface
> where the editor ensures they are aired.
> The present climate is one of rapid change and as such, requires the GA, At
> Large and all Constituencies to think on their feet, something that is not
> possible if every decision has to go through a committee. The At large has
> tremendous advantage over the NC, the GA, the IDNO, in that it is *not*
> burdened by committees and structures.  Why replicate failure?
> If anything is needed for the At Large website, it is *one* person - an
> Editor, with communication skills to oversee the technical function of
> webmaster, somebody with at least a credible amount of experience in public
> service media, to ensure effective communication levels and balanced
> coverage for minorities. That's all.
> This Editor's core task is to attract *numbers*, and to encourage productive
> use of the forum to self-organize into like minded groups, whether that is
> domain name holders, non-domain name holders, regional assemblies, alternate
> root users, offshore casino owners anonymous, or whatever. At the moment,
> that is being hindered by a home page that does not point out that it is
> necessary to sign up to the forum separately in order to communicate or
> self-organize with other members, neither does it describe what the forum
> can offer. Members have no way of even knowing which members are in their
> region because no State/ County information is given, neither do they know
> whether any announcements of efforts to self organize will be announced
> through that list.
> These are fundamental problems in communication with your public that can be
> addressed by an Editor that knows what they're doing. They are observations,
> not criticisms that I use to illustrate the point that you don't need an
> elaborate series of elections to achieve what is necessary - particularly
> when it aims to form a committee of amateurs who, with the best will in the
> world, do not have the experience between them to replace one good Editor
> with a track record.
> Regards,
> Joanna
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