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Re: ADNS - Re: FTC - Re: New.net - Re: [ga] Sen. Burns to the Chair of the Commerce Committee

On 21:29 12/03/02, Derek Conant said:
>I believe that the average consumer believes that a domain name works on 
>the Internet.  The FTC's apparent position is that which what the average 
>consumer believes the Internet is, is what the Internet is.

I believe that the average American believes a phone number works to to 
call someone on the phone. The FTC's should support the position that which 
what the average consumer believs the phone system is, is what the Phone 
system is. Hence it should jail all the fax users.

Nevertheless Derek has a good point. I propose that from now on normal IQ 
people should use the word "Intlnet" for the free international network and 
that we keep the word "internet" for the USG controled internal system 
reserved for dump people to be fooled in buying ICANN sponsored non 
products and absent services though the use of complex unecessary words 
such as ICP-3, DNS, TLDs, SLD, sponsored TLDs, sunrise periods, etc...

Let forget about all that blackmagic abusing people with a non existing 
complexity and let use simple words as:

- the international data network naming plan : anyone having a problem 
- the (virtual/real) network names : seems clearer than TLD, SLD.TLD, etc...
- the Intlnet names : seems clearer than domain names
- the "whereis" service: easier to understand than DNS/BIND/NAMED etc...


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