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Re: [ga] Organizing structure work.

Dear all,

as those who watched the NC webcast will have see, the NC
did not pass the resolution drafted by NC representatives 
in the Structure TF. Instead of working within the 
Structure TF, the NC wants to work via email and
weekly teleconferences for the next six weeks. The 
GA Chair and Alt. Chair have been asked to devise input 
mechanisms so that the GA can undertake a complimentary
process of public comment in parallel.

What valuable input could the GA deliver?

-- Thinking hard about the PROBLEMS which the proposals
   on the table, including the Stuart Lynn proposal, 
   the ALSC options, the NAIS recommendation, the 
   ccTLD-SO efforts are trying or claiming to solve: 
   Why do they need to be solved? Would the proposals be 
   likely to solve the problem, do they raise new 
   questions, can the problem be solved differently etc.?

-- Thinking hard about the CONSEQUENCES of the proposals.
   What effects would the proposals have -- realistic 
   assessments and scenarios -- on the ICANN Board, the
   commercial, non-commercial and individual users,
   gTLD registrars, ccTLD and gTLD registries, ISPs etc.,
   on policy development, on funding and staffing, on 
   relationships with governments, on the danger of
   mission creep etc.

-- Thinking hard about alternative SOLUTIONS. I am not 
   so sure we will all agree to a Great Unified Solution
   either; perhaps a set of well-argued options and an
   order of preference will be much better input.

My two cents just before the Public Forum is about to start.

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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