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Re: [ga] Solemn public question to Peter de Blanc


Assume your questions are answered thusly:

Jefsey Morfin wrote:
Peter, is your WWccTLD Alliance purely a registry association, whatever the

> registry management, or is it a ccTLD Manager association i.e. of
> organisations with legitimacy from and duties to their National Internet
> Communities?

Yes it is an association, with the intent of taking over governance of the
Internet, albeit in association with ICANN.

> To get a simple and clear response what are the functions you include or
> not in the ccTLD Manager mission as a trustee of the National Internet
> Community (please just cross the appropriate responses):
> 1.  [X ] registry of the ISO 3166 TLD
> 2.  [X ] registry for other national, local, etc TLDs
> 3.  [X ] IP addresing delivery and management
> 4.  [X ] DNS servers management
> 5.  [X ] information of the National Internet Community, Gov. and national
> publics
> 6.  [X ] animation of the National Internet Community
> 7.  [X ] local defense of the National Internet Community
> 8.  [X ] organization/provision of additional services to the National
> Internet Community
> 9.  [X ] organization/provision of additional national services to the
> foreign users and communities
> 10.[X ] local defense of the Global Internet Community
> 11.[X ] international representation of the National Internet Community
> 12.[X ] common management of the Internet infrastructure as an associated
> Member of the ICANN

What then is your suggestion to ccTLD managers, especially those with Trade
Agreements with the US.?

> Jefsey

You should also assume that the group is properly funded. And you should leave
out exceptional ccTLDs like LA, WS, TV.


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