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RE: It can be worse (Re: [ga] VeriSign complains...)

It seems that some clarification is needed here:
1.  Some registrars charge a 'transfer' fee,
2.  Most don't, they only charge you for an additional year added to
    your domain's life.

For example, a Tucows registrar, http://www.wholesalenics.net/ allows
you to transfer a domain to them and the only cost is the addition of
an additional year to the length of your registration.

Any registrar that charges -just- to provide the transfer is getting
undeserved revenue.


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> On Sat, 21 Jul 2001, at 08:18 [=GMT-0400], Hollenbeck, Scott wrote:
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> > > Again, a registrAR can charge what it wants. The registrY should not
> > > charge $9 for a registrAR transfer. That is anti-competitive. Also one
> > > does get nothing for those $9, no extra year or anything.
> >
> > The VeriSign registry charges a registrar $6 for a transfer BECAUSE the
> > domain gets one year added to it's registration period as part of the
> > transfer.
> And that makes sense.
> Since I found out about nic.nl's transfer fee (the double amount of a
> new registration and no extra time at all, in fact losing the
> already paid months/years!), I like VeriSign a lot more.
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