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[ga] Letter to VeriSign (Re: Please pass this message on to the GA list(fwd))

Of interest to all of us, I think. Please, see below.

This might be my fifth post :-)


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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 10:14:55 -0700
From: William X. Walsh <william@userfriendly.com>
To: William X. Walsh <william@userfriendly.com>
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Subject: Re: Please pass this message on to the GA list

If you don't mind passing this along also.

Over the last day, myself and other ISP/IPP operators have drafted a
letter to Stuart Lynn in response to Cochetti's letter that we
was referenced yesterday in the Newsbytes article.

Dozens of ISP/IPPs have asked to be signatories to the letter, as well
as the chair of the Internet Service Provider's Consortium (ispc.org).

The draft letter is at

The letter will be sent to Stuart Lynn and Roger Cochetti, as well as
others who have been designated to receive a CC of the letter,
sometime shortly after 1pm Pacific Time (UTC-8) today.

The HTML copy will be available there, and I'll have links to a Word
document and PDF version once it has been sent.

Best regards,
William X Walsh <william@userfriendly.com>
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