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Re: [ga] VeriSign complains...

Jefsey and all assembly members,

  This has been a problem in the making almost from the launching for
the SRS
registration system and the lack of proper security on the RRP database
which I complained about for our members more than a year ago (See
DNSO GA Archives for further information).  Of course nothing was
done than, and the problem now has gotten so bad that a method to
it is nothing but a money maker for Verisign/NSI and causing allot of
questionable accusations being levied (Such as those towards Tocows)
without adequate evidence to support those allegations.  I hope
Tocows takes this to task properly.

Jefsey Morfin wrote:

>   Dear Derek,
> On 03:32 20/07/01, Derek Conant said:
> >I can support VeriSign's efforts to require its customers to
> acknowledge
> >and approve transfer-away requests
> This would be acceptable if the demands of transfer of a VerSign
> customer
> to another Registrar were also approved by VeriSign. They delay until
> it is
> overdue, then the DN becomes "not available". And....
> But the best is that:
> <quote>
> icann.org is not available
> Be first in line to get icann.org - Back Order it NOW!
> Is the name you want already taken? Now you can back-order that domain
> name
> and thereby acquire it as soon as it becomes available. We watch it
> for
> you, every day, 24/7, so you don't have to. And we register it for you
> for
> one year the moment it becomes available  all for the low cost of
> $49. TRY
> </unquote>
> If 100 people wants to get icann.org they will get $ 4900 for NOTHING
> -
> except possibly to fight the interest of their own customers...  Some
> people are really cute at VeriSign at making money out of Roberto
> Gaetano,
> Louis Touton, Stuart Lynn and als. (all this would not exist with one
> million TLD or with a more serious DN registration system).
> Jefsey


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