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[ga] Re: Roger Cochetti's Letter to Stuart Lynn

Hi Danny,
thanks for your comment  - I have forwarded you email to the Registrars
constituency for further consideration.

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Sent: Friday, July 20, 2001 7:22 AM
Subject: Re: Roger Cochetti's Letter to Stuart Lynn

> Dear Registrar Constituency Representatives,
> Roger Cochetti in his letter to Stuart Lynn has raised some very serious
> charges, accusing other members of the registrar community of having
> in the practice of "slamming", the unauthorized transfer of domain name
> registrations from one registrar to another.
> On behalf of all consumers that have previously suffered the nightmare of
> "slamming wars" in the telecommunications industry, I ask that these
> be investigated immediately.
> Fact-finding in this matter is crucial.
> 1.  Please advise if other registrars have put forth complaints of
> or if Mr Cochetti's firm is the sole complainant.
> 2.  As the claim has been made that "a professional market research firm"
> hired "to conduct more detailed, independent surveys of representative
> samples of customers who had recently been transferred out of the VeriSign
> Registrar", please advise if this report and data can be independently
> verified.
> It will be necessary to determine whether a problem of "slamming" in fact
> exists, or if this letter is designed to divert attention from Verisign's
> choice to Auto Nack Transfers (note that the registrars' straw poll vote
> Stockholm was 23 to 2 in favor of an autoACK policy).  It is important
> the truth be ferreted out.
> If at all possible, can you also advise on the results of the straw poll
> regarding transfer policies that was recently conducted on the registrar
> Best regards,
> Danny Younger

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