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Re: [ga] Independance Day

Fellow users,

DannyYounger@cs.com wrote:

> Today in the United States we celebrate Independance Day.  This is a
> particularly apt moment to reflect upon grievances, upon lack of
> representation in the decision-making process, upon the lack of the right to
> elect our own officials, and upon an organizational structure that continues
> to disenfranchise the rights of individuals.

What truths do we hold self evident?  In the course of human events what episode
are we transpiring?  I fully believe we are at a threshold.  We either move
forward and create an individual user based set of standards or we allow the
continued complete unfettered commercial - taxed without representation -
dominance of the Internet. Our only question is do we allow for peaceful moderate
and painfully slow change or do we sign the papers and dump the tea in the
harbor.  The DoC by their silence and acquiescence has quite literally proclaimed
that we may go to open and complete cyber warfare.
When you ignore proper petitions for grievances you might as well paint a target
on your face and say here I am your dictator, take your best shot.  On our behalf
Danny and Patrick have petitioned to rectify our grievances and they have been
laughed at and scorned. Their concerns have been belittled and minimized. (sound
historically familiar to anyone?)  And so we do find ourselves in a point of time
when we must live by our convictions and follow a course in human affairs which
may lead to our personal destruction.  Danny has done so in the past two weeks
knowing full well the consequences, I have already been warned of the outcome to
my livelihood should I continue in this endeavor.  So be it.

For those who scorn my portrayal of the gravaman of this point of view, count
only those who have died recently in protests of globalization, these are not
trivial issues, at least there are over a thousand California Law enforcement
personnel who did not think so this past week in San Diego.


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