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Re[2]: [ga] Re: Suspension of Voting Rights

Hello Roeland,

Wednesday, May 02, 2001, 6:18:17 AM, Roeland Meyer wrote:

>> From: Harald Tveit Alvestrand [mailto:harald@Alvestrand.no]
>> Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2001 4:34 AM
>> At 00:06 02.05.2001 -0700, Roeland Meyer wrote:
>> >Yes, and Harald missed out on the many previous discussion where that
>> >evolved to one vote per registrant, regardless of the number 
>> of domains
>> >held.
>> references (list + date) are appreciated.
>> I believe you, but would like to know.

> Lists;
> Dates:
> <Ouch>, early IDNO under membership discussions, NSI list <?> that backup
> tape is unreadable to me because my DDS1 DAT tape drive died (orphaned HP
> product), that also applies to ORSC and WG-C lists, for me. Yes, this is
> from corruptable organic memory. But, I haven't the time to dig through the
> web archives (grep doesn't work there).

Only one I can find this on is the IDNO list, and you can't expect
that to be taken as an exhaustive review of the subject.

Best regards,
William X Walsh
Owner, Userfriendly.com
Userfriendly.com Domains
The most advanced domain lookup tool on the net

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