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Re: [ga] Let tyrants take notice:

Dear Eric and all,

I figured how appropriate if my first post to the list was also my last.  I guess I was inspired by the movie!  Haven't laughed so hard in ages. 

Seriously, I do apologize to the Chair and members if this post was not useful or if it detracted from the business at hand. 

Back to business...shall we?

See you,
Brian A.

At 11:38 PM 4/28/01 -0700, Eric Dierker wrote:
Agh agh ah!

Brian you can not post this kind of stuff in public!

I know at least two ccs that are having attacks right now and it could be bad!

This is horrible, don't you realize that the GA is a place where the rights of netizens ain't discussed.  Ah jiminey christmas who empowered you to to make statements standing for us guys anyhow. What are we going to do?  You let the cat out of the bag and how do we get it back in?

Wait just a minute!  Hold the phone, guess who is on the line, the U.S. Senate and they say "as long as you guys take care of it, and we are serious about more international representation we will back off", but they are talking no more Boardsqautters, and open and transparent stuff and representation of the big US.

Just Swell Brian there went my vacation with Vint.

Thank you,

Brian Appleby wrote:
The e-Bill of Rights

Few understand what the many may suffer.

 Access to the Internet is an inalienable right of the people -- all the people.  Events now swirl and confuse even the hardiest of die-hard evangelists and prophets but we must collectively make one thing clear: we will not sit and watch the elite few wrest control from the people, we will not stand by as our rights are trampled and destroyed.  We have power in numbers and we have truth, justice, and freedom as wind in our sails.

We the people, in order to form a more perfect union of minds and hearts, mandate the need for freedom and fairness in our ability to enjoy the benefits of the on-line world of the Internet.  We mandate freedom of speech, freedom of access, and freedom of will to let the powers-that-be fully understand our needs and motivations.  We do not ask!  We are the people who the Internet serves.  We are where true power does reside.

We claim full rights to organize ourselves and politicize the issues we deem important.  We claim the right to enjoy the full protections offered to all for accessibility, use, and indeed dependence on the Internet as an important part of our lives and livelihoods.

Our right to accessibility includes the protection and un-fettered use of domain name system addresses which we hold and hold dearly as extensions of our personal, political, and commercial selves.

While we recognize and respect the traditional intellectual property laws and protections, we take exception to all attempts to modify or extend these traditions into newly mis-formed mutations which unfairly impinge upon the rights of individuals and the common masses.  We will not stand idly by and allow these actions to go un-noticed or allow the perpetrators to go un-punished.  We will fight if we need to fight.  We will win.

We are the people and we have spoken!

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