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[ga] Help! RE: .biz and .info


At its meeting in Melbourne on 13 March 2001, the ICANN Board adopted
the following resolutions:

RESOLVED [01.26] that in the absence of the request of any Board member
to the contrary based on policy considerations,
         the President is authorized to sign the posted agreements after
the conclusion of those seven days; and

Will a board member please invoke this provision for me?  I admit to
being an ill informed somewhat ignorant dot commoner internetstakeholder

I confess to being one of those internet end users that ICANN was
developed to protect. My many mentors work hard but become frustrated at
my simplistic approaches.

On the policy issues I understand enough to know that I and many like me
are concerned, admittedly maybe wrongly,
regarding these two gTLD's.

Is it appropriate for Verisign (and the other established Registrars) to
be a controlling factor in one of the "New" gTLD's if the whole purpose
of having
them is to promote competition?

Is it all right for ICANN to approve dotBIZ when there already is one?
It seems like a lot of us small people may
get hurt by this idea.

I hope this does not cause undue distress but I cannot find a single
entity or person with power that is looking out for
us small guys. While they may be displaced I hope "our concerns" are
important to someone with power. I understand that the board
is made up of appointees but I hope there is at least one among you who
can empathize with us users.

Please keep in mind that while I am learning I have been using the
internet for just about a year, there are many like me and we need
caretakers to help us.

Eric Dierker

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