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[ga] Verisign Contracts

I vote that the USDOC tell Versign and ICANN to go back and give three
months of open and transparent work on this matter.  Not to go to the
public and ask for comments on a contract but to negotiate in public.
(California's Brown Act proves this is doable)  Also I do not think it
out of line, and in fact consistent with normal process -APA- to ask for
competitive RFPs.


The United States Department of Commerce is promising the ICANN it will
decide by May 14, 2001 whether to ratify controversial new contracts
would, among other things, allow domain name giant Verisign to retain
powers over .com for at least 6 more years. However, ICANN's decision
request for approval may yet be countermanded as several ranking U.S.
politicians seek a formal investigation of ICANN's procedures.

Also see

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