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[ga] Final comment.

Yes, I did post the following:



We have arranged to move the ML to www.internetstakeholders.com.  I do
have list of all current 121 members of the WGr.  Iam am waiting to hear
from Kendall Dawson and/or Joanna Lane as to whether the new forum is


Sotiris Sotiropoulos
           Working Chair, WG Review"


1) I did *not* distribute a copy of the ML to Joanna Lane, nor to
Kendall Dawson.  I am unaware of where they got the ML to sign people up
to yahoogroups.  I challenge anyone to prove otherwise!

2) As i've already stated, I was under the impression that the ML would
only be moved *temporarily*, and not to that the
internetstakeholders.com site was destined to be the new official GA
website (as per Danny Younger's and Joanna Lane's designs and

3) There are plenty of smart people on this List who can cut through all
the smoke and see the patterns of behaviour elicited by all parties
concerned to date.  I am confident that my credibility and integrity
remain intact.

I rest my case.


Sotiris Sotiropoulos

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