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Re: [ga] Question No. 1

I will not repost your entire message, but let me just say this about it. You
are truly a master.  As we have discussed before you and I come from different
perspectives and often speak in different languages and have different concepts
of "ball". But posts like yours bridge all gaps, sure I had to look up a couple
of words and ask my CTO what some of what you said meant, but now I get it a
little better.
I also note that you did not attack my perspective, which is far more political
and far less technical, you simply added your understanding which greatly
enhanced mine.

Thank You!!

Roeland Meyer wrote:

> There is a serious disconnect here. When dealing with finite physical
> resources, these distinctions make sense. OTOH, when dealing with abstract
> resources these distinctions make absolutely no sense. I am sorry to see
> that some have managed to rat-hole the discussion into "argument by
> analogy". There are no definitive analogies that matter. We need to grasp
> the concepts directly and deal with them ... directly.

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