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[ga] Critics say stick to the topic

Again, Robin, read.

The UDRP is only for TRADEMARK disputes, which are not a part of this debate.  And the "sunrise" allowance is again, only for TRADEMARK holders, as another list member pointed out a long time ago.

None of this has been about trademarks.  Now, YOU repeat: "None of this is about trademarks, and thus is not about the UDRP or 'sunrise' any longer."

Here in your words is the proof of your own personal confusion (perhaps "delusion" would be better):

>>You complain about cybersquatting and there are no rules in ICANN to address it.
There are rules. Its called the UDRP. 

>>You complain about sunrise being for cybersquatters, when its really set up for
corporations with lots of famous TMs...

Your first statement here associates "cybersquatting" with trademarks.  We know this, because the UDRP only addresses trademarks, and you assert that it addresses "cybersquatting".  So you are saying that the cybersquatting issue is one of trademarks.  This is indeed how I've seen it used.

But your second statement says that "sunrise" isn't for cybersquatters; it really deals with trademarks.  Hm.  Compare that to the implications of your first statement, and you see that it's directly opposed.

It looks like you're the one who literally doesn't know what you're talking about, from one sentence to the next.  And you won't have much luck defending software piracy.  I'm no crusader against it, but I certainly wouldn't be foolish enough to attempt to defend it, as you have.  Why don't you get on some other board and defend Napster?  Equally untenable, but at least more popular.

Don't pretend you missed the point about attacking people because of their E-mail address.  I guess I can attack you because a kid named John Miller once threw a chair at my elementary school and hit a girl who had a broken arm.  And hey, did you know that Miller Brewing hassled a soda-shop owner named Hal Miller in Peotone, Illinois, who tried to use his name...(insert sob story here)

Down with all Millers, servants of evil!
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