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RE: [ga] Critics say VeriSign still has...

Okay, I have way too much time on my hands...into the fray goes I...

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> People making the point about equating a domain with a Web site
> have a good point.  That does further complicate the
> determination of what hoarding is.  But how about simply
> disallowing resale of domains by anyone but a registrar, at a
> standard price?  The complexities of this (based on transfer of
> trademarks and what have you) are probably far less significant
> than determining "hoarding."

Why all this talk about cybersquatting or hoarding?  If someone registers a
name, if they don't use it to infringe on someone's trademark, as long as
they pay the annual registration fee, the name is their's...period!  Doesn't
matter if it's a company that might never use it or someone hoping to sell
the name at a profit sometime in the future.  I don't see the problem that
supposedly needs solving.

> I took a look at that list of domains registered to Autodesk,
> thinking that I would probably agree that they were bogus

Please define bogus in this context...did you simply mean they own a name
that you can't see them ever using?

>But as far as I can see, every one is relevant to Autodesk's
> businesses. I don't see things like ICECREAM.COM, or

There is no rule that says a name has to be relevant to your business, at
least none that I'm aware of.  The only "rule" I'm aware of is that you
don't use a name to infringe on someone else's trademark.

>And I still say, use it or lose it.

What is your rational for this view?


jeff field

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