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Re: [ga] Critics say VeriSign still has...

> The most interesting and original post in a long time on this topic was
> made by, I think Michael McNulty(?), discussing the similarities between
> concerning water rights in arizona and rights concerning domain names. 
> Water rights have a "use it or lose it" character -- if you don't use
> the water that flows through your property, you obviously lose it.  
> It isn't so obvious that you lose the *right* to use it, but if the 
> person downstream does start to use it, then *they* develop a right to 
> the water that flows through *your* property.
> The basic point of Mr McNulty's post, I believe, was that there is 
> indeed a well-developed body of law that operates on a "use it or lose 
> it" basis, and that it might be profitably studied.

Wow... someone tell Leah that Kent agrees with her use of .biz!


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