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RE: [ga] gTLD Constituency

> From: Christopher Ambler [mailto:cambler-dompol@iodesign.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2001 12:01 PM

> > ignored my observation that my position on where to draw 
> the membership 
> > line is not consistent with what you would expect to be my client's 
> > preference.  Oops.
> No oops. I didn't choose to point out the obvious. I guess 
> you're asking
> me to. Your client has a vested interest in ensuring the 
> stability of ICANN
> and that there are no threats to that stability. Hence your 
> tactics of diversion
> and avoiding issues that are troublesome to ICANN. Your client has
> a vested interest in preventing new competition, hence your 
> position of
> not allowing applicants in the constituency.
> I would have thought this obvious.

I don't track something here. I thought that his client is/was in the same
boat with you.
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