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Re: [ga] Critics say VeriSign still has advantage

Gavin said:
> How about this: If you register a domain and don't have a legitimate
> site running under it within, say, two years, you lose it.  What's a
> legitimate site?  Of course, that's the tough question.  Probably the
> best way to answer it is to allow people to challenge a hoarder's
> registration of a particular domain after two years, as they can
> currently challenge on the basis of trademark infringement.

What do you suggest for domains that are used strictly for email, 
server hostnames and the myriad of uses other than the www?  The 
mistaken supposition that a domain is strictly for the web is part of 
the problem, IMO.

Gavin said:
 Electrical utilities' prices are regulated for the same reason.  Thus 
should the price of domains be regulated.  

Utilities are being de-regulated in the US.  However, there is no 
comparison between the domain name industry and utilities, IMO. 
Also, one does not need an SLD in order to exist on the web or to 
have access to it.  One does need electricity in order to live in 
modern society (at least in developed countries).  Domain names 
are a retail service - a commodity.  There is no shortage of them, 
especially with 500 + TLDs.  If you regulate domain names, you 
should regulate all service industries, retail industries, reseller 
programs, distribution industries...  Where would you stop?

While I am not a fan of speculation, necessarily, I would certainly 
not wish to prevent that industry from operating any more than I 
would wish to prevent competition in the ISP industry.  

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