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Re: [ga] Results of ranking vote for Chair and Alternate Chair to the GA

Congratulations to Danny Younger and Patrick Corliss!!

Now, I hope all of us (big and little, rich and poor people together), can put
aside our fears, prejudices and petty animosities, and GET SOME WORK DONE.
This List has been through a veritable roller-coaster of emotion, logic, and
innuendo... it's time we got off that ride.

The GA now has it's 2001 Chair and co-Chair.  Let us stand up and sing the hymn
of wise works and fruitful labours in their honour.  A brand new day has
dawned, and the future awaits, shall we disappoint our grandchildren?  Or, will
we work in conjunction to ensure that the Net is a better place?  Our quickly
degenerating real-world political, social, and environmental situations need a
counterbalance somewhere...  Perhaps we can start here, and others will
recognize and emulate our efforts elsewhere.

I, for one, am leaving all the past rankling, bitterness, and recriminations in
the dustbin of this ML.

I look forward to the coming days, months, years...  To the time(s) when we
will all look back to these moments and nod in satisfaction.

We can and will make a difference.


Sotiris Sotiropoulos

P.S.  I will admit, I've come to be quite fond of all of you... even those with
whom I disagree!  After all, where else would I find such challenging and
thought-provoking exchanges?  Ladies and Gentlemen, let us turn all this
incredible brain power to making this organization better.  It's a tough job to
be sure... but someone's got to do it!  Why not us?

DNSO Secretariat wrote:A. The final result:

> --------------------
> The ranking by the GA of candidates for Chair and Alternate Chair
> in year 2001:
>      1. Danny Younger
>      2. Patrick Corliss

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