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Re: [ga] Final Statement

Joop and all remaining assembly members,

Joop Teernstra wrote:

> At 07:10 5/04/01 +1000, Patrick Corliss wrote:
> >
> >> I feel that this is unfair to the other candidates. Danny has pledged that
> >> he will work as the GA's humble servant. If he is elected, it is up to the
> >> GA members to make proposals, motions, seconds and he will be the one who
> >> makes sure that the will of the GA is given expression.
> >
> >I make the same pledge.  You understood that when you nomnated me.
> >
> I most certainly did. :-)
> It is at this point that a good Chair deserves so much respect.
> Roberto and Harald have been praised, but also criticised, when their own
> convictions got sometimes in the way of the will of the Assembly.

  It is evident and a matter of recorded history that Harald and Roberto
have been at times not beneficial to the openness of the DNSO GA.  This
has in a large measure lead to the disenfranchisement of many would
be contributors to improving and otherwise making the DNSO GA
a much more viable supporting organization.  As such the next
chair and co-chair/Alt-Chair is of the utmost of importance.

  Given Patricks two separate agenda's, one public and one private,
as we all now know, it is obvious in the extreme that he is not likely
to fill the void of a good next Chair.

> It is not easy to give up advocacy and candidate Eric's honesty about it is
> refreshing.

  Indeed it is.  It however very unfortunate that Candidate Patrick Corliss
lack of same is so pronounced.

> I don't think I could be a good chair myself either--at least not as long
> as there is still no recognized Individuals' constituency in the DNSO. :-(

  Well this is of course not really the issue is it, Joop.  Your history
is good, but has been tainted by the WXW's of the world in a manner
that is less than honest, thereby negating you in any capacity on the
DNSO.  However as a leader of an individuals constituency, your
leadership is still needed, and I hope desired.

> -joop
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