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[ga] Re: [cctld-discuss] Yokohama photos


I am not going after you personally, not at all.

In message <PNEOIHIGODEOGBECEBFPOEMHCDAA.pdeblanc@usvi.net>, "Peter de Blanc" w

> el, that is far from the case. one of the main reasons i am involved
> (so much) with the ccTLD constituency is the possibility of using
> our secretariat- actually or organization, to provide outreach
> services to small ccTLDs.

Sure, but as the commercial goes: "Where is the beef?"

I ain't seen none.
> This could be in the form of technical training, subsidies to attend
> conferences, even equipment to help their dns become more robust.

Great, please reread what this Secretariat puppet wrote the other day
about .NA's financial contribution.

And, as I have been saying in the past, where is my SPARC?

> In fact, when I was in Bangkok at the ap* retreat, which had a joint
> aptld cctld adcom meeting, we looked at using the asia institute of
> technology as a place to bring ccTLD operators for a week of
> trainingt. they could stay on campus very economically, and receive
> training on dns, routing, etc.

Good show. But is that really what is needed? 
> If you would like to see movement in this direction, please accept
> my invitation to become part of the solution to outreach to
> developing countries.

I have asked numerous times about Registry software. 

Instead of wasting our money on ICANN and those empire builders (the
ones who have the gall to tell us whether to vote or not) at the
Secretariat, which fortunately is temporary only, we should sit down
and design a data base structure (using PHP so one can use MySQL,
Oracle or the SAP DB), and have someone hack a web front end and a
perl/tk management module (to generate the zones, quite trivial, even
yours truly has managed to hack a piece that does that automatically,
not even patching bind to hook to MySQL). One side effect of doing
this would be that we can unify whois access if desired.

greetings, el

Dr. Eberhard W. Lisse  \        /  Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (Saar)
<el@lisse.NA> el108    *       |             Swakopmund State Hospital
Private Bag 5004        \     /     Telephone: +49 177 214 3196 (cell)
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