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[ga] Re: Names Council, new TLDs, and interests in pending applications

hello Jamie..

although I am confident that  you are aware that the names council plays no
role in the selection process  (as I am familiar of your background and am
quite certain you have read the proposal outlines and related material), I
feel that your request for disclosure is most fair so here is mine:

 I am a member of the names council representing the registrar constituency

I am the current chairman of CORE and Core is involved in an application for
a restricted TLD (.I.e. ".nom) as the proposing organization and in other
applications as the back-end provider

I am also involved as a member of the board of managers of Afilias, llc
www.afilias.com   ( in which CORE is a participant) in its proposal for an
unrestricted TLD as well.

I am also an officer of iDomains, inc, which has proposed a restricted TLD
(I.e. ".BIZ)

I am also an officer in Domainbank, Inc which is both a member of CORE (as
you are aware, CORE is an association of companies)  as well as a separate
participant in the afilias, llc organization which I represent on the
Afilias, LLC  board of managers.

the selection process & related guidelines has been clearly outlined and can
be viewed through links located at the following urls:



my very best wishes to you

ken stubbs
p.s. i also would be most interested if you or any other regular ga
contributors have provided direction, advice or consultation services to or
whether you or your organization has any interest in any proposing entity as

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From: "James Love" <love@cptech.org>
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Cc: "Ken Stubbs" <kstubbs@corenic.org>
Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2000 10:01 AM
Subject: Names Council, new TLDs, and interests in pending applications

> This is a request that the Names Council address a basic issue
> concerning ethics.  I would think that for starters, each member of the
> Names Council should declare any interest they have in any pending TLD
> applications (including interests as competitors), and they should adopt
> procedures to address the issue of such interests.  The Names Council
> should also indicate what role it should play in the selection process,
> and how its rules regarding member interests in applications relate to
> what the Names Council does.
> I am not asking that the Names Council members automatically recuse
> themselves from any and all issues, and of course, some Names Council
> members have zero interests in specific new applications, but have an
> interest in stopping the new TLDs go forward, and so there are also
> problems with limiting votes.
> A minimum standard would seem to be more disclosure, and more self
> awareness of the issues that such interest present.  Even more is
> probably appropriate.  The Names Council should really consider how it
> can fairly address these issues, which are now front and center.
>   Jamie
> --
> James Love  mailto:love@cptech.org http://www.cptech.org
> Consumer Project on Technology, P.O. Box 19367, Washington, DC 20036
> voice 1.202.387.8030  fax

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