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RE: [discuss] Individual representation

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> d3nnis
> Sent: Saturday, June 26, 1999 8:02 PM
> <<The framers of the US constitution were a bunch of self-interested
> <<wise old men went off in private for months and worked to develop a
> <<fairly coherent and simple structure.  It was *not* developed
> <<through a "transparent, fair, and open process".
> <<The ICANN formation process, on the other hand was constrained to be
> <<a product of the loudest voices.  Not surprising that it
> isn't quite
> <<as elegant.
> What's the ICANN equivalent of having a civil war to define
> representation issues the founders failed to confront?
> Having the Net
> split into multiple networks?

In a word, YES. It's called a multi-part root structure. It is probably
an order of magnitude more complex to manage than what we have now. If
this happens, regardless of it's technical inelegance, it will stay.