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Re: [discuss] Unofficial minutes June 11 1999 Names Council Meeting

Randy Bush a écrit:
>     to minimize the bad effects of the above issues, representation in
>     constituencies such as the ncdnso

There is no such thing as a "NCDNSO". It is the NCDNHC.

>     should be as open as possible.  but
>     those who are proposed for seats on the bodies such as the names
>     council should not have serious conflicts of interest.

You call for debate on questions of representativity. Here are some
pertinent questions on the subject.

What is your affiliation, Mr. Bush? Are you the holder of a
non-commercial domain name? Are you a non-commercial user of the
Internet? If not, what are you doing in the NCDNHC? 

Is David Maher, who holds no non-commercial domain name nor domain
name of any sort and who is a trademark lawyer and an employee of
IBM, a person without conflicts of interest in the NCDNHC? 

Is ISOC, an organization whose principal organizational members are
large commercial enterprises, an NCDNHC member without consflicts of

Is the ACM, whose members are for the most part Internet
infrastructure workers and companies, a representative of
non-commercial domain name holders? 

Why have you excluded the ICIIU and its supporting organizations,
all of which are genuine non-commercial domain name holders, from
our constituency, and taken our place on the Names Council?