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[council] Budget Input

I am writing to seek any thoughts, comments, suggestions that the 
GNSO Council or any of the GNSO constituencies might have regarding 
the ICANN 2003-2004 budget that commences July 1, 2003.

We are now beginning the budget process. The key milestones in the 
process are the posting for public comment of the Preliminary Budget 
around the middle of February, 2003 and of the Proposed Budget for 
public comment around the middle of May, 2003. The board adopts the 
actual Final Budget at its meeting at the end of June.

In the preparation of the Preliminary and Proposed Budgets, I am 
advised by the Finance Committee, a committee of the ICANN Board, and 
by the Budget Advisory Group, a committee appointed by me composed of 
nominees recommended by the four functions of ICANN that provide the 
bulk of our funding (the Registrars and Registries Constituencies, 
the ccTLD Constituency, and the RIRs).

To assist me and these Committees in the formation of the Preliminary 
Budget, your input would be very valuable. To help you in this 
regard, I would point you to the approved Final Budget for the 
current fiscal year, 2002-2003: see 

The main focus of changes for 2003-2004 will be:

(a) Changes to the 2003-2004 that relate to inflation and other known 
(b) Changes attributable to what is required to accomplish what is 
mandated by the reform steps approved by the Board, including by the 
new Bylaws, designed to improve services to the community.
(c) Adjustments to strengthen ICANN's ability to provide other 
services to the community that can be funded through redirection of 
existing resources. I would note that we are still in process of 
recruiting staff to fill the positions authorized as part of the 
2002-2003 budget; this staff expansion as of itself will lead to 
improved services.

Any thoughts, comments or proposals you might have that fit within 
these categories would be most welcome. Proposals for expanded 
activities that do not fit within these categories would also be 
welcome, but it would be  fair to note that it is less likely that 
there will be funding available.

Please could you let me have your comments no later than Monday, 
February 3, 2003.

Thank you, and all best wishes for 2003.



Stuart Lynn
President and CEO
4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Tel: 310-823-9358
Fax: 310-823-8649
Email: lynn@icann.org

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