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Re: [council] good bye

Thomas and Alexander,

You guys did a terrific job! I really hope there will
be new opportunities in the ICANN fabric to have
your talents involved again.

Tony Harris

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From: "Thomas Roessler" <roessler-mobile@does-not-exist.net>
To: <ga@dnso.org>; "Glen de Saint Gery" <gcore@wanadoo.fr>; "Elisabeth
PORTENEUVE" <Elisabeth.PORTENEUVE@cetp.ipsl.fr>
Cc: <council@dnso.org>
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 6:33 AM
Subject: [council] good bye

> At some point of time between 9:10 and 9:40 a.m. Amsterdam time on
> Sunday, the DNSO ceased to be (and will, perhaps not unlike a
> phoenix from the ashes, become the GNSO). Likewise, the DNSO GA has
> ceased to be as an /official/ part of the ICANN structure.
> Consequently, we have ceased to be its Chair and Alternate Chair --
> we were elected for 2002 anyhow, and any concern that we might
> become GA-Chair-Squatters is unfounded: This is our farewell
> message. :)
> But although the GA loses the formal role it has had, it will not
> vanish into thin air and there is no reason to unsubscribe: This
> list will continue its informal but important role as a forum for
> information and discussion about DNS and ICANN issues, and we hope
> that people from the ICANN Board, the SO Councils and the GNSO
> Constituencies will stay tuned. Earlier, we called for volunteers to
> help our own transition. This GA Transition Team will help to ensure
> that the GA remains an open, but rules-based list regardless whether
> it is run under the formal custodianship of the DNSO, GNSO or
> perhaps the ALAC in the end.
> 2002 was a turbulent year, and this was certainly reflected in the
> GA. We have to thank a great number of you for your participation,
> assistance and encouragement. We owe particular thanks to the DNSO
> Secretariat for the great cooperation -- merci Glen, and merci
> Elisabeth! We also would like to thank the GA Representatives for
> the good job they did on the Task Forces. Finally, thanks to the
> volunteers (Abel and Ross) joining us on the Transition Team.
> When we say farewell, we're of course not really going away -- and
> we're quite sure that you, the GA participants, will stay around,
> too. We wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!
>     Thomas Roessler (former GA Chair)
>     Alexander Svensson (former GA Alternate Chair)

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