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[council] WHOIS Report Posted.

The WHOIS Task Force's report is available at the following URL:


The report will be posted by Glen to the DNSO's web site tomorrow
morning European time.

I'll leave any further official remarks to the co-chairs of the Task

One persional caveat from a relatively tired "editor" may be in
order, though: Since there was extremely little time for proper
review towards the end of the editing process, I can't rule out the
possibility of editorial errors and misunderstandings which may have
crept in concerning some of the less critical portions of the

If this should have happened, I hope that we can work with the
secretariat to quickly fix any problems until very early next week.
Of course, the council would be informed about any such changes, and
they would be appropriately marked in the published version of the

Note, however, that NO such changes are to be expected with respect
to the core of the report: Chapter 3, which contains the actual

Happy reading, and have a nice week-end.

Thomas Roessler	(mobile)	<roessler-mobile@does-not-exist.net>

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