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[council] Amended motion

NC Colleagues,

The attached has been worked out by Bruce and myself with Marilyn 
and is, I believe, the good comprimise. The number of whereas
is shorten to 5, and the letter Lynn+Cerf will be considered separetely.
It takes into account amendments as suggested over the call.


Whereas the ccTLD Managers have been seeking an efficient process
for updating the IANA database as explicitly specified
in the Amendment 2 to the MoU of 11 September 2000, requesting
for "Documentation of IANA procedures for root zone editing,
root zone generation, and root zone WHOIS service."

Whereas the ccTLD IANA Service Requirements have been restated
once more in Bucharest on 25 June 2002 and approved unanimously
by the active ccTLD Managers within the ICANN community

Whereas the global interoperability and stability of Internet
depends on the TLD name servers,

Whereas the recent bankruptcy of KPNQwest which provided secondary
services to several ccTLD Registries resulted in the need for
prompt actions by IANA to update the name servers records
as requested by the ccTLD Managers,

Whereas there has been excessive delays in updating nameserver information
resulting from disagreements between ICANN staff performing IANA function
and ccTLD Managers over the procedures to be followed at the time 
of nameserver updates.

The Names Council resolves:

That ICANN promptly process the backlog of nameserver change requests in
the root zone and make the appropriate recommendations to the United States
Department of Commerce (which must approve changes to the root zone),
subject to external checks to verify that the name servers are 
authoritative for the appropriate ccTLD.

The Names Council also recommends that the ccTLD Managers and 
the ICANN Committee for Security and Stability 
(http://www.icann.org/committees/security/), with input from the ICANN staff
performing the IANA function, jointly develop procedures
at the interface between the IANA function and the ccTLD Managers that 
improve the quality of DNS data at the top level of the DNS.

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