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[council] Re: Observers at NC meetings

My remarks triggered some unexpected responses. It's normally a good
idea to assume personal responsibility for the misunderstanding of
anything that one says. I'm certainly prepared to do so here but am
afraid that, on careful rereading of my previous contribution, I can't
see what might be causing any confusion. At the risk of being

I fully recognize the need for NC members to exercise autonomous
judgement without referring anything and everything said during the
course of the NC's deliberations back to their constituencies before
taking decisive action. My intention was simply to suggest that
benefit might be derived from reinstating a communication channel
that had been abandoned solely for economic reasons (assuming that
there was some constructive reason for having established that
channel, in the first place). As an alternative, I wondered if the
recent increase in the frequency of our meetings might be harnessed
towards an end beyond the one initially envisioned.

Lotsa question marks. No recommendations.


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