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[council] Supporting material and substantive submissions on WLS

on WLS

Redemption Grace period - 14 February 2002, Icann staff posted a proposal to
establish a RGP
Technical steering group's Implementation proposal
RGP presented at ACCRA - summary of comments

VGRS's current proposal grows out of a WLS proposal that it sent to the DNSO
Registrars Constituency on 30 December 2001.
After comments from that constituency and others, VGRS revised its proposal
on 28 January.
 After additional discussions with registrars and others, VGRS revised the
proposal a second time and submitted it with the 21 March 2002 request for
amendment to Appendix G.
Whereas, on 21 March 2002 VeriSign, Inc., the operator of the .com and .net
registries, requested amendments to the registry agreements for those
top-level domains to allow it to conduct a twelve-month trial of a proposed
wait-listing service (WLS) to be offered through accredited registrars for
an annual fee;
Whereas, in resolution 02.53 the Board requested the Names Council to
coordinate within the DNSO a comprehensive review of issues concerning the
deletion of domain names and possible solutions for those issues and to
submit to the Board a status report on that review, with the status report
to include any recommendations concerning VeriSign's request to modify the
.com and .net agreements to allow it to provide the WLS;
Whereas, the DNSO's Transfers Task Force presented to the Board a status
report giving preliminary findings and recommendations on WLS, but requiring
additional analysis and discussion within the DNSO before the report is
DNSO Status report
Local copy:
ICANN reference :
Whereas, as contemplated by resolution 02.55 ICANN has received various
public comments on the WLS on a web-based public comment forum;
ICANN public forum comments
Whereas, a Public Forum was held on 27 June 2002 at ICANN's meetings in

Preliminary report ICANN meetings in Bucharest

Verisign WLS proposal presented at Bucharest public forum
during which VeriSign gave a presentation of the WLS in which it
constructively proposed changes to accommodate concerns expressed in
community comments; the DNSO Transfers Task Force summarized its preliminary
findings and recommendations; and several members of the Internet community
gave their views on WLS;

Transfer Task Force pp presentation Bucharest

Overview of WLS presented by Grant Forsyth in Bucharest
Whereas, the Board, although very anxious to ensure that action on
VeriSign's request proceeds without unnecessary delay, believes that its
consideration of the request would be assisted by receiving the final report
of the DNSO's bottom-up consensus-development effort, including its views on
the modifications recently proposed by VeriSign;
Resolved [02.84] that the Names Council is requested to provide, no later
than 26 July 2002, its final recommendations, with its supporting rationale
and any separate positions of DNSO constituencies, on the VeriSign WLS
request (including the modifications made on 27 June 2002), so that the
Board may act shortly thereafter.


Transfer TF deletions, solutions, and WLS draft updated for the Names
Council meeting July 11, 2002

Public comments were open on the final report until July 22, 2002
Final report :

The comments are found in:
Archives: http://www.dnso.org/dnso/dnsocomments/comments-deletes/Arc01/

A link was put on the ICANN web site during the Public comment period

Full archives of the Transfer Task Force  are to be found in:
http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/nc-transfer/Arc00/ NC Transfer (open 29 Oct
gTLD Statement (Revised).

Two petitions were received:
1. http://www.petitiononline.com/antiwls/petition.html
This petition is mention in the public forum at

2. Presented to the Board in Bucharest on behalf of Magi Inc. at

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