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Re: [council] Status report on implementation of evolution and reform

At 07:39 a.m. 18/07/2002, Philip Sheppard wrote:
The disadvantages of 2 reps per constituency are in my view compelling:
1.Diversity. 2 reps will tend to polarise - one US, one rest of world.

Let me say that this may be more dangerous for the geographic diversity issue.

Two members means 1 rep for the US, 1 rep for Europe, so it makes more difficult for AP, AF an LAC regions to get one rep.
So it is not (only) that US always will get one rep, but that other three regions unlikely will have one.


2.Outreach. Lack of direct connection from council member to region.
3.Representation. With 2 reps, most ICANN regions will not be represented by constituency at council. Today most are.

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