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[council] Conference fees as revenue source

On the last conference call, I was asked to consult with the NCC to 
ascertain whether the NCC would regard conference fees as a barrier to 

The answer is yes.  I have received email from several NCC members 
stating that it is already a financial burden for them to participate in 
ICANN.  A conference fee to attend, particularly if it is on par with those 
usually requested by professional conferences in the United States, 
would make attendance impossible or prove a serious deterrent for them.

I will add that, from personal experience, many professional conferences 
provide scholarships or waive fees for non-profits. 

As with many issues at ICANN pertaining to cost, the issue becomes: 
does ICANN (and its participants) value the input and contribution of non-
profits sufficiently to accomodate the very real financing problem for non-
profits.  Non-profits are a critical part of the Internet community.  Many of 
our members play vital roles in maintianing an Internet structure in their 
countries or providing training and Internet access.  I hope that ICANN, 
and its members, will value this perspective.


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