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[council] Notification of DNSO NC election of the ICANN Board member

Sunday, 9 September 2001, 18:30 Montevideo

Names Council,

Below is a notification confirming the DNSO ICANN board candidate 
election result that will be forwarded to the ICANN Board.

Today short NC extraordinary meeting was attended by 15 NC members:
     ccTLD Constituency:
         Peter de Blanc
         Oscar A. Robles Garay
         Elisabeth Porteneuve
     ISPCP Constituency:
         Tony Harris
         Tony Holmes
     abs Greg Ruth
     Business Constituency:
         Philip Sheppard
     abs Grant Forsyth
         Marilyn Cade
     gTLD Constituency:
         Roger Cochetti
         Richard Tindal
         Cary Karp
     IP Constituency:
         Axel Aus der Muhlen
     abs Caroline G. Chicoine
         Guillermo Carey
     Registrars Constituency:
     abs Ken Stubbs
         Erica Roberts
     abs Roberto Laorden Castillo
     NCDNH Constituency:
         Youn Jung Park
         Vany Martinez
     abs Milton Mueller

The motion with the text of notification to be sent to the ICANN
Board was moved on by Philip Sheppard and seconded by Marilyn Cade.
This motion was unanimously approved by all 15 present, its
text is attached below.

The whole election process took 8 weeks. Seven candidates were
nominated, five accepted their nomination, four received at least
10 endorsements required by the voting procedure.
The 4 candidates running for ICANN Board position received 87 endorsements.

According to last year's resolution the Names Council members
participated in several meetings, either by teleconferences
or e-mail questionnaires, or face to face in Montevideo,
with all four candidates running for ICANN Board position.

Many thanks to the Names Council members for the time dedicated to the
collective work for the benefit of the whole DNSO community.

Elisabeth and Glen

Text proposed as motion and adopted unaninmously by 15 NC members
present which we are forwarding to ICANN today:

Sunday, 9 September 2001

  Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
  Board of Directors
  4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
  Marina del Rey CA 90292, United States of America

  Cc: Stuart Lynn, President and CEO
      Louis Touton, Vice-President and Secretary

  The DNSO Names Council confirms the selection of one DNSO
  representative to the ICANN Board, and hereby presents
  the selected candidate to the the ICANN Board:
      Amadeu Abril i Abril (Spain; European region), three year term

  The DNSO Names Council confirms that it considers the elections
  to have been fair, that votes were correctly counted, and that
  the results thereby correctly reflect the voting for the candidate.
  The candidate had the affirmative votes of more than half (1/2)
  of all the members of the NC.
  We wish him success and look forward to co-operating with him.

  The Names Council will open to the public the voting records
  subsequent to ICANN receiving and accepting the selected candidate.

  Elisabeth Porteneuve and Glen de Saint Gery
  DNSO Secretariat
  on behalf of the DNSO Names Council

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