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Re: [council] NCtelecon, 8 February, minutes for validation bythe NC

Dany Vandromme wrote:

> on 15/02/01 3:30, Erica Roberts at erica.roberts@bigpond.com wrote:
> > Thanks you - it is good to see the draft produced in a timely fashion.
> > In order to facilitate amendments, I have moved the minutes into a word
> > document and put on the 'track changes' instruction so that the changes I
> > propose can be clearly seen (see attached).
> >
> > I have reviewed the draft and have proposed amendments to:
> > * clarify the sense
> > * delete emotive phrasing
> >
> > regards,
> > erica
> -
> Good corrections, Erica
> I was not participating, but I completed anyway a sentence about proxies at
> the beginning (Track changes in the word file).
> Regards
> Dany

I would like to support the above changes/amplifications and thank Mica for
succinctly capturing the sprit of the tasks placed before the newly formed NC
WHOIS Committee.... It may be helpful either in the minutes or just via this
email to place on record a clarification of the terms of reference of the NC
WHOIS Committee discussed during the call, namely:

i) The NC WHOIS Committee is to ask ICANN to create a web site and mailing list
to solicit comments of substance on the ICANN (Staff) WHOIS Committee report
and invite other interested groups to submit Position Papers for substantive
comment on the web site and mailing list
ii) The NC WHOIS Committee will assimilate the submitted Position Papers and
comments to produce a report high-lighting areas of convergence and identify
areas where more work may be necessary.
iii) Where additional work areas are identified the NC WHOIS Committee will
prepare a Charter for consideration by the whole NC which may lead to the
creation of a Task Force and or Working Group to work on the identified issues.

As we embark upon this very difficult issue I would like us to move slowly and
clearly forward. WHOIS is a very emotive and political issue and I welcome your

I am grateful to YJ, Axel, Theresa, Oscar, for offering to work with me on the
WHOIS Committee. I hope the ISP Constituency and the Registry Constituency will
be able to appoint a representative.  At the moment we are in "limbo" until the
ICANN (Staff) WHOIS Committee report is published, but what is very important
is that once this work area is underway all wanting to comment are able to do

Thanks ... good w/end to all..




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