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Re: [council] Interim NC meeting - REPLY REQUESTED

on 29/01/01 9:13, Paul M. Kane at Paul.Kane@reacto.com wrote:

Congratulations to Philip on his election to be the next Chair of the

I would also like to thank Ken for the leadership role he has taken over the
last months as we have addressed a number of  tricky issues. During your
term of office Ken we have furthered internet industry self-management and I
am proud to have been involved in moving the issues forward..... thanks....

I will be in Tokyo on the 8th Feburary .... I will _try_ to make the tel
conf.... 2200hrs CET - 1300hrs PST is 6am JST on the 9th ...
I reserve Feb 8th, 4:00 pm EST (or 10:00 pm CET in Paris



Philip Sheppard wrote:
Names Council members,thank you for your confidence in electing me a
chairman and let me give my formal thanks to Ken for a job well done during
an interesting period of DNSO history! There were outstanding agenda items
from yesterday's (24 January 2001) call and as the meeting wished I propose
an interim call to complete these items and re-visit the budget question.
For this INTERIM meeting I propose Thursday 8 February 2001. The next full
meeting with a new agenda will be Monday 26 February 2001.  I will revert to
the Council later with proposed dates for the whole year. ACTIONIn the
meantime please indicate latest midnight your time zone Sunday 28 January
2001 if the date of the Interim meeting - Thursday 8 February - is good or
bad for you. Philip.  Philip Sheppard

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