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[council] NC meeting Jan 24 Agenda item 5

Dear NC,
this is the revised text agreed by Erica for a proposal on the procedure to follow to approve the summary of NC meetings. The NC will be asked to vote on this at the meeting.


In compliance with by-law VI-B 2(h) summaries of NC meetings should be approved and made public within 21 days of an NC meeting.


1. Within seven days of an NC meeting, the Secretariat will forward draft summary to the NC Chair

2. Within 10 days of the meeting, the Chair will approve the draft and request the Secretariat to circulate the draft summary to NC members for comment and approval. If no comment is received within seven days, the minutes will be deemed to have been approved.

3. All comments received from NC members will be incorporated in the summary unless there are objections from other NC members.

4. Where there are objections, the Chair will attempt to resolve the issue and secure agreement from the relevant NC members. If agreement is not achieved, the Chair will determine the final version of the minutes and may note areas in which agreement has not been achieved.

5. The Chair will ensure the above procedure is complete and an approved version of the summary is circulated and made public within 21 days of the relevant meeting.


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