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[council] Independent Review Panel Nominating Committee

To the Names Council:

This is in response to Erica Roberts' request, at the 19 December Names
Council teleconference, for a brief explanation of the Independent
Review Nominating Committee (IRP NomCom).  The Names Council should
appoint two individuals to the IRP NomCom no later than the Council's 
January 2001 meeting.

ICANN's Independent Review Policy calls for the IRP NomCom to consist of
six individuals.  Each Supporting Organization Council (i.e. the Address
Council, the Names Council, and the Protocol Council) is responsible for
appointing two individuals to the IRP NomCom.  Initially, each Council
appoints one IRP NomCom member for a three-year term and one IRP NomCom
member for a two-year term.  The Address Council has already appointed
its two members and the Protocol Council has appointed one of its two

The IRP NomCom's responsibility is to nominate, subject to confirmation
by the ICANN Board, members to the Independent Review Panel.  The
individuals appointed by the Councils to the IRP NomCom should be ones
who are likely to be able to find, evaluate, and recruit qualified
nominees to the Independent Review Panel.  (The qualifications for the
Independent Review Panel are:  (a) high professional standing and
accomplishment; (b) either (i) a current or former judge, and/or (ii) an
individual with legal training who would qualify for judicial
appointment and who has experience conducting arbitration or a similar
dispute resolution proceeding; and (c) must hold no other office or
position within the ICANN structure.)  In other words, individuals who
know retired judges, and can persuade them to serve on the Independent
Review Panel without compensation, would be good appointments to the IRP

The following individuals are ineligible for appointment to the IRP

   * ICANN Directors; 
   * ICANN staff and advisors; 
   * members of Advisory Committees (including the RSSAC and GAC); 
   * members of the Supporting Organization councils; 
   * the chair of the DNSO General Assembly; 
   * members of DNSO constituencies councils and administrative
     committees; and 
   * elected officers of the DNSO constituencies.

For more details, please see <http://www.icann.org/indreview/policy.htm>

Best regards,

Louis Touton

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