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After the ICANN Marina Del Rey meeting, the NCDNHC went through a full
on-line vote, to approve (or eventually dismiss) the resolution texts, which
were elaborated during the constituency meeting (Nov 13th) and presented to
the board during the Open forum Meeting (Nov 15th).

You will find below the text of the resolution concerning the freedom of
speech in the context of new TLDs.

On-line vote result for this resolution is:
    YES: 30
    NO:  12
    ABS: 1

At the time of the vote, 156 non commercial organizations were entitled to
vote (with 2 vote for large organizations, and 1 vote for small

Thanks for transmitting this info to the board members.

Best regards

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ICANN-NCDNHC, Nov 13th, 2000

Resolution about freedom of speech:

The NCDNHC notes with concern that none of the TLD applications gives overt
support to the notion of free expression. The NCDNHC believes that free
expression is one of the core values that must be supported in the Internet,
and we seek from the Board, a resolution supporting the notion of one or
more new TLDs that explicitely support these values. In order to get such
TLDs created, there must be more rounds of applications; and we support the
idea of reopenning applications as soon as reasonably possible

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