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RE: Re: [council] comments - your proposed draft terms of reference

Yes, I ended up on the list as well, and I don't who was added when, for
what reason, and how they were selected. You address this below --
apparently interest (though, I'll note I wasn't aware of it until you added
me based on someone else's recommendation). The point YJ is that there is no
rhyme or reason to why someone is added, selected, or invited. Unless
someone was aware of the 'list', there's no way they could let someone know
they're interested in the 'informal' discussion.

Also, you'd replied to Caroline that Axel was on the DNSO review
committee -- but I don't see his name mentioned in the list you give below.


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Subject: Re: Re: [council] comments - your proposed draft terms of

> With regard's to YJ's distro. list I don't know who is on there or
> how they were selected.

Theresa, you have been on this list, too.:-)

> YJ -- can you clarify?

Usually, people who I have To: have been ex-WG chairs and those
who have shown their intetersts. Jonathan Weinberger,
Maichael Palage, Bret fausset, Kilnam Chon; Jonathan Cohen,
Ellen Rony, Roberto Gaetano, Marilyn Cade, Kent Crispin,
Michael Froomkin, Joop Terastra, Elisabeth Porteneuve, Kathryn Kleiman,
Theresa Swinehart, recently Charles Shaban was added.

CCed to the Board members who have been involved with this or
might be interested in because this Review was asked by the Board initially
together with NCC members who want to follow up this issue:
S. H. Kyong; Dany Vandromme; Milton Mueller; Vany Martinez;
Adam Peake; YangWoo Ko; Alejandro Pisanty, Jonathan Cohen;
Nii Quaynor, Karl Auerbach

In the past, a mailing list set up and invitation went out to the all the
parties and the discussion on charter or terms of reference was proceeded.

The only difference here was the "no mailing list" due to formal procedure
which was suddenly presented by some of NC members, this discussion
have been done in a very informal manner.


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